Getting a Big 6 Articleship

From 19th July to 23rd July 2023 from 8 pm to 10 pm

Getting a Big 6 Articleship

Introducing our comprehensive course on securing a Big 6 articleship! Master the art of getting into prestigious firms like the Big 4 and unlock a world of post-CA opportunities. From expanding your professional network to enhancing your personal growth, our course covers everything you need to know to excel in your journey.Facing issues? Email us at

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Get an Internship on Financial Statements Analysis

Get a One Week internship (Group Project) on Financial Statement Analysis along with a Certificate

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What you'll get with this course?

Internship Certificate on Analysis of Financial Statements

CV Templates

Unlimited Doubt Solving on Whatsapp

Recordings for all sessions

Programme Details

Module 1: Why Big 4? Discovering Post-CA Opportunities

Expanding horizons: Engage with CEOs and CFOs of unlisted companies, widening your professional network.
• Personality grooming: Enhance your personal growth, especially if you haven’t attended college.
• Focused study: Stay ahead of the competition and benefit from incentives offered by KPMG.
• Elevate your CV: Make yourself more approachable to HR and potential employers by associating with Big 4 firms.
• Progression in KPMG: Explore different departments and consider post-CA departmental changes.
• Lucrative packages: Enjoy higher remuneration in Big 4 firms compared to non-Big 4 articleships.
• Study leaves: Avail 5-7 months dedicated to exam preparation.
• Global opportunities: Easily transition to global firms after qualification.
• Higher position possibility: KPMG offers a one-level higher position for articleship.


Module 2: Eligibility Criteria

Open to all, no restrictions on attempts.
• Even selected in Audit if you haven’t cleared a group in IPCC.


Module 3: Proven Tips to Ace the Interview

• Confidence matters: Exhibit confidence, even when uncertain of answers.
• Emphasis on personality and communication skills: Present yourself professionally and impress with your conduct.
• Interviewer expectations: They understand you’re fresh out of school, looking for qualities like personality, confidence, a willingness to learn.
• Balance during IPCC: Focus not only on studying but also on networking and essential skills.
• Crafting an impactful CV.
• Essential topics to master: Accounting standards, auditing standards, audit procedures, taxes, Companies Act, and staying updated with news.


Module 4: Common HR Questions and How to Answer

• Exploring why Big 4/KPMG over other firms.
• Sharing more about yourself beyond your CV.
• Discussing hobbies and activities during your free time.
• Handling pressure: Convincing HR of your capability.
• Your expectations from the firm.
• Explaining why you chose CA over other professions.


Module 5: Effective Approaches

• Utilizing LinkedIn connections strategically.
• Seeking referrals from relatives, friends, or acquaintances.
• Assistance and guidance available from our course facilitators.


Module 6: Group Project 

• Engaging in a group discussion on a given topic.
• Collaborating with a team of 3-4 students.
• Analyzing a company’s financial statements, conducting trend analysis, and providing insights into variations.


Module 7: Debunking Myths

Addressing misconceptions such as only accepting first-time rankers, no transfer cases, limited learning opportunities, etc.

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