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Batch 2 from August 13th to August 20th (7pm to 10pm)
Classes on 13th and 20th. Internship from 14th to 16th
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Management Consulting Certification Programme

Learn how to get into McKinsey, BCG, Bain, ADL etc. through our in-depth comprehensive course on Management Consulting. The course will be taken by 5 current and former consultants from BCG, Bain and Arthur D Little. You’ll get the casebooks from all top IIMs, Consulting CV templates and 200+ Presentation templates. Facing issues? Email us at

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Get a Virtual Internship in Management Consulting

Get a Virtual Internship in Management Consulting. Work on Live Consulting Projects

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What we'll be covering

Programme Details

Module 1: Introduction to Management Consulting (1 hour)

Overview of consulting in India
  1. Stats
  2. News headlines
  3. US Comparison 
Types of consulting firms and their focus areas
  1.  MBB, Kearney, Big 4
  2. Pay scale – Hiring numbers
  3. Team structure
Key skills required to be a successful consultant
  1. Problem solving
  2. Structured Thinking
  3. Communication
Who can get into consulting – Degrees/Qualifications
  1. Post CA/Engg./Commerce
  2. Post MBA
  3. Lateral Hiring
What does a consultant do on a day to day basis
  1. Gathering Data
  2. Synthesise data to get insights
  3. Recommendations basis insights 
Consulting Internship Case Study explained – Presentations to be submitted within 3 days

Module 2: Application Process (1 hour)

  1. CV + Cover letter
  2. Shortlisting
  3. Buddy
  4. Final Interviews

How to create a strong resume and cover letter: 

  1. Top load and front load
  2. Spikes and Sectional Balance
  3. Quantify and highlight impact created for every section
  4. Hygiene Factors

Tips on networking and building relationships with consultants at these firms

Module 3: Case Interview Preparation (2 hrs)

Overview of the case interview process and format
  1. Why case interviews/ Purpose of case interviews
  2. Length of case interview/What are they looking for etc.
  3. Basic elements of starting a case interview: Sheet alignment + Elements of a typical solution (Clarify Qn -> Prelim Qn -> Take Time ->Opening strategy/framework -> Proceed with framework -> Work with the interviewer -> Summarise -> Recommendation)
Different types of case interview questions and how to approach them (1 example of each)
  1. Profitability
  2. Market Entry
  3. Growth
  4. Pricing
  5. Unconventional
How to structure and present a case interview response
  1. Panellist will interview 1 member from the audience
  2. Panellist will interview another panellist to show the right way
Overview of the final interview process and format
What to expect in the final interview round

Module 4: Behavioral Interview Preparation (30 mins)

  1. Overview of the behavioural interview process and format
  2. Common behavioural questions and how to prepare for them
  3. How to showcase relevant skills and experiences in behavioural interviews
  4. Practice behavioural interviews with feedback and analysis

Module 5: Next Steps and Career Development (30 mins)

  1. What to expect after getting a job offer from MBB
  2. Different career paths within consulting firms
  3. Tips on how to grow and advance in your consulting career
  4. Exit opportunities
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