D. E. Shaw India Pvt. Ltd.

Product: D. E. Shaw India Pvt. Ltd. is an affiliate of the global investment and technology development firm D. E. Shaw Group. The company provides a range of financial services and products, including quantitative investment strategies, private equity, real estate investments, and technology development.
Industry: D. E. Shaw India Pvt. Ltd. operates in the financial services industry in India.
Future: The future of D. E. Shaw India Pvt. Ltd. is dependent on various factors such as the state of the global and Indian economy, regulatory policies, competition in the industry, and the company’s ability to adapt to new market trends and technological advancements.
Revenue and Profit: The revenue and profit figures for D. E. Shaw India Pvt. Ltd. are not publicly available, as the company is not listed on any stock exchange. However, it is known to have a significant presence in the Indian financial services industry and has been operating in the country since 1996.

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