Eide Bailly LLP

Eide Bailly LLP is a certified public accounting and business advisory firm based in the United States. The firm offers a range of services to clients, including accounting, tax, audit, business consulting, and technology consulting services.
Eide Bailly operates in the professional services industry, which is highly competitive and subject to regulatory changes. The industry is expected to continue to grow as businesses require specialized expertise in accounting, tax, and other areas.
In terms of its future, Eide Bailly is focused on expanding its service offerings and investing in technology to better serve its clients. The company has also pursued strategic acquisitions to enhance its capabilities and expand its geographic reach.
As of the fiscal year ended April 30, 2021, Eide Bailly reported total revenue of $431 million and a net income of $50 million. These financial figures indicate that the firm is a profitable and established player in the professional services industry.

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