Success Stories

Sneha Sekar, ITC Limited

After 3/4 days from declaration of results and where there were only few days left for applying in ICAI campus placements, I was clueless as to “where to start for my interview preparations? Is there someone who can help me with a mock interview? Can someone tell me what are all the domains that are open for a freshly qualified CA? Where to apply? How to reach recruiters?” and so many more questions.
I’m extremely grateful and spellbound by the support I received from Yugantar who helped me clear all my doubts. I handled the ‘more than an hour long interview’ of ITC Limited with ease which is mainly because Yugantar Sir has given me a gist about the interview process and helped me with few mock interviews which sky-rocketed my confidence. Few aspects like how to structure your “introduce yourself” part, “how to address a question for which you are not that confident”, “how to prepare an effective resume” are game changer tips. I reached out to him even on the morning of the interview asking for few tips and he was available throughout. I’m always grateful to him for that. Thank you Sir!!

Rajat Jain, Citibank (Offers from ITC and HCL)

I have been personally mentored by Yugantar Sir after clearing CA exams in Dec 21. One thing I will vouch for him is he will not only become your mentor but a friend who can be easily approachable at any time to discuss about your career. He has a pool of knowledge and connections with people working in other fields and companies which will help you deep internal insights about the company and the profile in which you are interested in. 

Madhukar Singh, ITC Limited

I highly recommend Yugantar Sir for anyone looking to improve their interview skills. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the interview process and what employers are looking for, but he is also an excellent communicator and is able to clearly articulate and explain difficult concepts.

I have personally worked with Yugantar sir and have seen firsthand the results of his teaching. He helped me to better understand how to present myself and my qualifications to potential employers, and as a result, I was able to secure a job that I am extremely passionate about.

Yugantar sir is patient, understanding, and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that his/her students succeed. I cannot recommend him enough for anyone looking to improve their interview skills and increase their chances of landing their dream job.

Kashish Agarwal, Accenture India (Offers from ITC and Goldman Sachs)

Hi Yugantar,

I’ve joined Accenture India in the Technology Consulting domain through ICAI campus.
Thanks so much for all your effort, training, motivation and guidance which allowed me a choice of my first job from the various opportunities I bagged. My experience with you as my Mentor was amazing along with much valuable information about great career and life advice.

Thank you so much – forever grateful!

Anjali Buker, ITC Limited

My mentorship with Yugantar Sir has produced excellent results. I approached him for mock interview and also for last minute tips before my real interview with my dream company and I got selected. He is a responsive and dedicated mentor, taking time to ensure you receive a thorough response to whichever question you are asking. Sir’s extensive knowledge and his approach to build confidence in you really helps in shaping any interview. Interviews taken by him make you feel more confident. The grilling prepares you for facing such interviews. Last but not the least, he is one of the best guides whom you can blindly trust.

Akanksha Srivastava, ITC Limited

Yugantar sir’s guidance has been really rewarding. With his experience he helped us ace the art of giving interviews. My confidence was boosted after he conducted mock interviews.

Vishal Nandhakumar, ITC Limited

Completing CA is a big challenge. However after completing getting a job in your dream company is another challenge. That’s where your preparation matters. For all that to happen you need a good mentor for guide, that’s where I found Yugantar Gupta. He had guided me and helped me in cracking my interview process. He had given individual attention and also mock interview which really helped me to come out of fear. The way in which he explains the process really helped me a lot.

Ratandeep Shetty, Puma

After clearing May 22 I had chosen Yugantar Gupta sir as a mentor. The sessions were tailored specifically to my situation and was incredibly insightful. The guidance provided helped me better understand my strengths and how to leverage them in my career, as well as how to overcome weakness or challenges. I highly recommend seeking Yugantar as a mentor for anyone looking to make a change or simply wanting to improve their career prospects. The expertise and personalised attention provided was invaluable and made a huge impact on my career.
Thank you, yugantar sir

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