General Insurance – Internal Audit

Location – Lower Parel, Mumbai

Experience Required – 1-3 Years

Qualification – CA

Audit Responsibilities include:

1) Audit Planning:

– Responsible for planning audits / activity as per agreed plan with the Manager and preparing the audit planning documents.

– Perform Client Opening Meeting and process walkthroughs. Prepare and discuss the Risk Assessment Matrix(RAM)

– Plan audit testing strategy and estimate the time for completion of the audit.

– Review IT support needs for the audit.

2) Fieldwork:

– Ensure that the key controls as documented in the RAM are adequately tested to support the audit conclusions.

– Validate the audit conclusions with the auditee and ensure factual accuracy.

– Complete audit documentation.

3) Report Discussion and report writing:

– Good report writing skills

– Write the audit issues in report format along with management action plans.

– Discuss all findings and action plans with the Audit Manager, Process owners and management and ensure factual accuracy of the audit issues.

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