Goldman Sachs – Internal Audit

Job Description
Internal Audit – Asset & Wealth Management – Analyst – Bengaluru

What We Do

As the third line of defense, Internal Audit’s mission is to independently assess the firm’s internal control structure, including the firm’s governance processes and controls, and risk management and capital and anti-financial crime frameworks, raise awareness of control risk and monitor the implementation of management’s control measures. In doing so, internal Audit:

Communicates and reports on the effectiveness of the firm’s governance, risk management and controls that mitigate current and evolving risk
Raise awareness of control risk
Assesses the firm’s control culture and conduct risks; and
Monitors management’s implementation of control measures
Goldman Sachs Internal Audit comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds including chartered accountants, developers, risk management professionals, cybersecurity professionals, and data scientists. We are organized into global teams comprising business and technology auditors to cover all the firm’s businesses and functions, including securities, investment banking, consumer and investment management, risk management, finance, cyber-security and technology risk, and engineering.

Who We Look For

Goldman Sachs Internal Auditors demonstrate strong risk and control mindsets, analytical, exercise professional skepticism and are able to challenge and discuss effectively with management on risks and control measures. We look for individuals who enjoy learning about audit, businesses and functions, have innovative and creative mindsets to adopt analytical techniques to enhance audit techniques, building relationships and are able to evolve and thrive in teamwork and in a fast-paced global environment.

As a Business Auditor, you will be involved in audits of various operations processes that support the securities business of the firm to provide assurance on the controls related to trade booking, middle office operations, settlements, along with other general business controls such as balance substantiations, Sarbanes-Oxley 404 control assessments and other processes that support functions of global market divisions.

Your Impact

As part of the third line of defense, you will be involved in independently assessing the firm’s overall control environment, communicating the results of the effectiveness of the firm’s controls that mitigate current and emerging risks, to the firm’s local and global management and monitoring the management’s implementation of control measures. In doing so, you are supporting the provision of independent, objective and timely assurance around the firm’s internal control structure, and supporting the Audit Committee, the Board of Directors and Risk Committee in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities.


As an Associate, you will be responsible for execution of audit deliverables through effective time management, in accordance with the internal audit methodology of the department. You will assist the project manager in planning the scope of the audit, conduct walkthroughs and discussions with various teams to execute the audit scope and discuss results of the audit with the firms local and global management. You will play a vital role in execution of the audit scope, through succinct documentation and active engagement with various stakeholders focusing on analyzing the risks involved, assessing the design and operating effectiveness of the key controls implemented to mitigate the risk, in accordance with the internal audit methodology of the department. In addition, you will also monitor and follow up with management on the resolution of the open audit findings and maintain stakeholder relationship to monitorr isk in their space. Job responsibilities also include assisting in the department’s continuous monitoring effort to cover operations incidents, market and regulatory events, business and technology updates. You are strongly encouraged to participate in department-wide initiatives aimed at continually improving IA’s processes and supporting infrastructure.

Basic Qualifications

Chartered Accountant /Certified Financial Analyst /Master in Business Administration specialized in Finance / Masters or equivalent University degrees in Accounting / Finance.
At least 2 years of experience in risk based operations / process audits preferably focusing on financial services
Experience in executing audit engagements, with good judgement of risks and controls
Strong technical skills required for the role with attention to detail, strong analytical skills and ability to translate assimilated knowledge through effective documentation
Experience in team work and adaptable to differential ways of working
Strong written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, as the job requires frequent interaction with cross functional teams and various hierarchy within management
Highly motivated with the ability to multi-task and remain organized in a fast-paced environment
Preferred Qualifications

Experience with data analytics tools and techniques
Relevant certification or industry accreditation
Knowledge of Financial Products and Services
Capable of efficiency improvement or automated solutions that assist audit work

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