Indigo – Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager / Manager – Aircraft Financing

1. Responsible for doing financial and cost analysis of term-sheets for aircraft financing.

2. Ensure accuracy and appropriateness of various financial models.

3. Responsible for reviewing term-sheets for aircraft financing and be proactive in highlighting issues which can have commercial impacts on costing.

4. Responsible for ensuring on time delivery of the aircraft from financing perspective.

5. Build and maintain strong relationships with financial institutions including banks, lessors etc and OEMs.

6. Ensuring execution of documents for lease extensions, amendments, novation etc.

7. To be responsible for obtaining market intelligence on what other airlines and lessors are doing and benchmark against best rates and practices for leases.

8. Provide quality management information and top-level analysis that helps drive decisions, growth and value creation – information and analysis that is actionable.

9. Participate in fleet planning to understand the financing/additional capacity requirements.

10. Procure used aircraft from the market as per company’s requirements.

11. Ensure understanding of IndiGo strategy, financial performance and be responsible for preparing and presenting credit presentation for the lessors.

12. Build and maintain excellent relationships with various departments in the company.

Qualification : Degree in engineering from a premier institute along with MBA/masters or Chartered Accountant + Chartered Financial Analyst.

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